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Although relatively new to the market, our app has already helped thousands of users. At last count we had 4632 users and a Google Play rating of 4.2 (74 ratings).

Tinnitus Therapy Pro app review

You can see more reviews in the app’s store listing. Our app is the cheapest of any similar treatment. And, unlike many apps and treatments out there, has NO monthly or hidden charges! Tailored therapy for your own unique tinnitus tone in handy, portable app form – all for the price of a coffee? That’s us 🙂

Thank you thank you thank you!

I recently got tinnitus and luckily found your app - it's helped me a lot! Thanks again.

Tom G


Listening to this is like a little holiday ❤️



I think this app is great, pink noise really relief my tinnitus...

Rodrigo Z

Great work bro!

I only recently got tinnitus and didn't know what to do. Your app fixed my tinnitus almost straightaway - though I use it for a few minutes every day to make it doesn't come back 🙂

Alistair M

Worked after just a few uses

I was skeptical about this treatment. But after reading the research, I thought I'd give it a try. After a few days my tinnitus is more or less gone.

Sarah Y

I can sleep at last!

I've had trouble sleeping for years, with a loud tinnitus tone in just one ear. This app has almost completely reduced my tinnitus to nothing - thank you!

Rob K

Great app 🙂

Really helpful and much cheaper than any similar treatment - thank you.

Tony J

Reduced my tinnitus quite quickly

I've had quite severe tinnitus for years, but using this app for a few days really reduced my symptoms a lot.

Claire S

Very helpful, thanks!

I started using your app recently and can sleep a full night at last. Thank you!

Steven P

Take control of your tinnitus