Our Tinnitus Therapy app is the brainchild of researchers and fellow sufferers of tinnitus, who decided to look at the latest research into how to treat tinnitus in a drug-free, non-invasive way. PhD research from 2016 pointed to a promising new way to treat tonal tinnitus using music or noise, where the specific pitch of the patient’s own ‘tinnitus tone’ has been filtered out. This effect was previously noted in earlier research from 2015 and has since been thoroughly investigated by audiologists all around the world.

Armed with this knowledge, we started looking for similar existing treatments and noticed only a few online services offering this kind of therapy as desktop software for rather high monthly fees. We wanted the treatment to be affordable and portable – so we decided to put it into an app.

tinnitus therapy app screenshots

Although our treatment is still quite new to the market, our app has already helped thousands of users and is proving to be very effective at reducing tinnitus symptoms for about 95% of users. We will be constantly improving the app as research continues. Our app is affordable, effective and cheaper than other therapies. At roughly the price of a coffee, we believe it will prove to be a worthwhile investment for you.

Take control of your tinnitus

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