How to cure tinnitus

treat and even cure your tinnitus

Tinnitus is a debilitating condition affecting millions worldwide. It is an ‘audio hallucination disorder’, where the auditory cortex of the brain creates a persistent ringing or rushing sound in the ear.

Although everyone’s specific tinnitus symptoms will vary and we cannot guarantee a cure, there are various ways to treat tinnitus, including our own ‘notch therapy’ audio treatment…


In some cases, anti-anxiety drugs, or steroid treatment can be effective. However, unless absolutely necessary, it may not be a good idea to take drugs to alleviate tinnitus symptoms. There is also recent evidence to suggest that certain anti-depressants can make the condition worse.


Controlling what you eat can help lessen tinnitus, such as avoiding too much salt, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Aside from this, there are certain foods which can help reduce various forms of tinnitus, such as banana, pineapple and pumpkin. We also recommend adding anti-inflammatory foods to your diets, such as turmeric and spinach.


Meditation can be helpful in managing mild to moderate tinnitus symptoms, if you are willing to stick with it. Read more about meditation techniques for tinnitus here.

Audio therapy

There are a few audio-based therapies for tinnitus – such as sounds designed to aid relaxation, simply mask the sound and isochronic tones, but these have little effect. The most effective proven approach is called ‘spectral notch’ or ‘notched sound’ therapy. This is where sound (usually white or pink noise) is played with the specific frequency of your tinnitus filtered out, thereby retraining your brain’s sensitivity to this specific pitch. MRI scans have shown that ‘notch therapy’ actually reduces cortical activity associated with tinnitus. We have developed an app especially to do just this – learn more here.

Tinnitus therapy app

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