How does the treatment work?

The science behind our Tinnitus Therapy app is that noise or music, EQ modified with a spectral dip (or ‘notch’), reduces cortical activity around the Center Frequency of the notch. When we set the notch around your ‘tinnitus frequency’ (best for tonal tinnitus), this can reduce your tinnitus symptoms with just a few uses – used every day, the app could keep your tinnitus away forever. This works best for tonal tinnitus and about 90% of users report a significant reduction in their symptoms after just a few days of use!

You can download the app here.

Where’s the research?

Spectral notch audio therapy is a relatively new approach to tinnitus treatment, but is already the subject of many peer-reviewed scientific studies. Since we were tinnitus sufferers too, we researched the science thoroughly before we decided to create the app. You can see the references here.

Why this app?

Our app is effective, portable and more affordable than other similar therapies out there. There are similar treatments available out there as downloaded desktop applications, but they charge upwards of $30 per month to use! We don’t like that. There are a few bulky noise generator devices on the market, but they do no create a ‘tailored therapy’ for your specific tinnitus tone. We also wanted the therapy to be convenient and portable, so we put it into a mobile app!

Our therapy is both proven to work for most people and many times cheaper than the other options available. It is also a drug-free a non-invasive way to treat tinnitus – but we’ll leave it up to you.

You can get the app here and start treating your tinnitus in minutes.

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